The Blurpix Web Studio — is a result of international teamwork of minded people that design, draw, layout and program. We create websites, which work, design interfaces, which are friendly to the consumer, and develop unique logos and corporate identities. We can help to make a quality project, the efficiency of which can be measured.

<a href="/sites/zelenopark/">Zelenopark</a> website
Zelenopark website
<a href="/sites/cactuz/">Cactuz</a> mobile messenger promo-website design
Cactuz mobile messenger promo-website design
<a href="/styles/cactuz/">Cactuz</a> logo
Cactuz logo
<a href="/sites/urbangroup/">Urban Group website</a> redesign
Urban Group website redesign
<a href="/sites/christ-ag/">Batisse Wash System</a> website
Batisse Wash System website
<a href="/sites/ledentsovo/">Ledentsovo Park website</a>
Ledentsovo Park website
Batisse <a href="/sites/batisse-facebook/">facebook profile</a>
Batisse facebook profile
"<a href="/styles/kickmysite/">Kick my site</a>" logo
"Kick my site" logo
<a href="/sites/batisse-service/">Batisse Service</a> website
Batisse Service website
<a href="/styles/kizimasha/">Kizimasha</a> logo
Kizimasha logo
<a href="/sites/kuponator-v3/">Kuponator web design</a> version 3.0
Kuponator web design version 3.0
<a href="/interfaces/batisse-measurmnt/">Application</a> for size designation floor screed
Application for size designation floor screed
<a href="/sites/sale-building/">Commerce office building</a> for sale
Commerce office building for sale
<a href="/sites/batisse-v2/">Batisse website 2.0</a>
Batisse website 2.0
"Lesnoy ugolok" <a href="/sites/lesugolok/">site card</a>
"Lesnoy ugolok" site card
<a href="/sites/muslugi/">Muslugi</a> web design
Muslugi web design
<a href="/sites/bontime/">BonTime</a> web design
BonTime web design
<a href="/sites/kuponator-v2/">Kuponator web design</a> version 2.0
Kuponator web design version 2.0
<a href="/interfaces/bontime/">BonTime</a> backend interface
BonTime backend interface
<a href="/styles/bontime/">BonTime</a> logo
BonTime logo
<a href="/sites/roofmaster/">Roofmaster</a> website
Roofmaster website
<a href="/sites/tourdom/">Tourdom</a> website sketch
Tourdom website sketch
<a href="/sites/agentbox/">Agentbox</a> web design
Agentbox web design
<a href="/sites/kurginyan-center/">Kurginyan center</a> web design
Kurginyan center web design
<a href="/styles/agentbox/">Agentbox</a> logo
Agentbox logo
<a href="/styles/batisse/">Batisse corporate identity</a>
Batisse corporate identity